First Performance

I finally got around to performing some of my tracks off my album at the One 2 One Cafe in Ponsonby. Did some practicing the week before to hold off my nerves while the weather held off people attending. It was good fun and really fulfilled my soul and just makes me want to do some more. Gave me some motivation to do some more nights around the Auckland area. 


CD Artwork

After a lot of thought of whether to cater for the old school format of CD (and myself being a heavier streamer) I was reluctant to make a CD. Even being born from the era or tapes and CDs this is obscure. My opinion was changed after speaking to JJ and the factor that he would like one and a few of the artists on the album would prefer this method as well. I had actually started some artwork previously but stopped, but this gave me the motivation to continue and finish it off.

Having worked as a Photographer, Graphic Designer and Retoucher I came to the conclusion I could handle creating this myself. I applied some of my own photography for the cover and used a fellow friends photography  - who you should check out as he has some awesome stuff - for the inlay photography.  Used the services of Amstore to produce the CD. Great service, provided a proof and an additional until I was happy with my outcome. 

Plan was to create just a small batch of 30 not to sell on but to give to all involved in making the album happen and close friends and family. 

What direction next....

So its May the 4th (Be with you) and I've finally released my album. Very exciting indeed, question is what next? Should I write another album, do I want to push it and see where it goes or just continue for my own personal pleasure. I'm still writing songs, they do get better but getting those good ones which make me want to sit down and record it are few and far between. Was thinking of going into an electronic direction and have been learning Logic. Who knows really. Just happy to have the album ticked off now.