CD Artwork

After a lot of thought of whether to cater for the old school format of CD (and myself being a heavier streamer) I was reluctant to make a CD. Even being born from the era or tapes and CDs this is obscure. My opinion was changed after speaking to JJ and the factor that he would like one and a few of the artists on the album would prefer this method as well. I had actually started some artwork previously but stopped, but this gave me the motivation to continue and finish it off.

Having worked as a Photographer, Graphic Designer and Retoucher I came to the conclusion I could handle creating this myself. I applied some of my own photography for the cover and used a fellow friends photography  - who you should check out as he has some awesome stuff - for the inlay photography.  Used the services of Amstore to produce the CD. Great service, provided a proof and an additional until I was happy with my outcome. 

Plan was to create just a small batch of 30 not to sell on but to give to all involved in making the album happen and close friends and family.