Well I'm failing miserably on trying to promote my album and get any reviews or get any airplay. I've approached the main places in NZ (which are not many tbh) and haven't really even got any replies. I have been busy with other parts of my life work wise. Slightly disheartening. I'm feeling about changing music direction into getting my hands dirty with Logic Pro X and some electronic sounds. Im starting to feel my music is a bit old and not really now, but it's what I originally wanted to create and maybe thats why its not getting picked up. It could be because it really is a hard sale to get your stuff listened to.

To start making electronic music will involve a lot of time as I have to learn the software and all the nuances that only come with experience, considering I already work as a software developer its more of the factor if I want to spend more time at a computer. The thing I love about guitar is that its so tangible and different for what I do as a job. Writing is more physical and in the moment and only have one sound and medium to create on. With software its more mental and intangiable in creation. My friend Jay showed me this website acpad and was like maybe this is an option for doing electronic music but keeping it physical and tangible. A cross over.