So it begins...and so it ends...

Well since I was 16 I had a dream, a dream that took 18 years to get around to completing! Slow must be my middle name. That dream originated from  within my bedroom - where I assume most youthful dreams occur. I got my first guitar as 16 which my mother bought and that began my endeavour to learn to play the guitar. I  was inspired by Nirvana, Bob Dylan and Oasis originally then progressed to Smashing Pumpkins, Guns n Roses, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, The Stones and whoever else managed to graze my ear. This led to that moment upon which one day I was laying in bed thinking about life - being a dreamer this was usual practice - where I had this epiphany which I can safely say has been the weight on my shoulders for many write an album. I always thought it would be cool thing to do and with hope provide some kind of meaning to my life and in hindsight leave a piece of my soul some how on this earth.

If I knew how long it would take to get this far I would of stopped many years ago, but then again passion can move mountains and seas and has thus got me this far. This year was the year. The year it happened, but it finishes here. A dream buried, a war won, a ship sailed; a seed planted. It's happened...the album is close to completion, I can almost touch it if it was tangible, I could almost smell it if the smell would just stay long enough and now I can share it with my family and friends and to whoever lends me their ears. 

This may be my first and only blog on this matter. I hope you enjoy this little eclectic number of I did enjoy very so making it.