Well I'm failing miserably on trying to promote my album and get any reviews or get any airplay. I've approached the main places in NZ (which are not many tbh) and haven't really even got any replies. I have been busy with other parts of my life work wise. Slightly disheartening. I'm feeling about changing music direction into getting my hands dirty with Logic Pro X and some electronic sounds. Im starting to feel my music is a bit old and not really now, but it's what I originally wanted to create and maybe thats why its not getting picked up. It could be because it really is a hard sale to get your stuff listened to.

To start making electronic music will involve a lot of time as I have to learn the software and all the nuances that only come with experience, considering I already work as a software developer its more of the factor if I want to spend more time at a computer. The thing I love about guitar is that its so tangible and different for what I do as a job. Writing is more physical and in the moment and only have one sound and medium to create on. With software its more mental and intangiable in creation. My friend Jay showed me this website acpad and was like maybe this is an option for doing electronic music but keeping it physical and tangible. A cross over. 

First Performance

I finally got around to performing some of my tracks off my album at the One 2 One Cafe in Ponsonby. Did some practicing the week before to hold off my nerves while the weather held off people attending. It was good fun and really fulfilled my soul and just makes me want to do some more. Gave me some motivation to do some more nights around the Auckland area. 


CD Artwork

After a lot of thought of whether to cater for the old school format of CD (and myself being a heavier streamer) I was reluctant to make a CD. Even being born from the era or tapes and CDs this is obscure. My opinion was changed after speaking to JJ and the factor that he would like one and a few of the artists on the album would prefer this method as well. I had actually started some artwork previously but stopped, but this gave me the motivation to continue and finish it off.

Having worked as a Photographer, Graphic Designer and Retoucher I came to the conclusion I could handle creating this myself. I applied some of my own photography for the cover and used a fellow friends photography  - who you should check out as he has some awesome stuff - for the inlay photography.  Used the services of Amstore to produce the CD. Great service, provided a proof and an additional until I was happy with my outcome. 

Plan was to create just a small batch of 30 not to sell on but to give to all involved in making the album happen and close friends and family. 

What direction next....

So its May the 4th (Be with you) and I've finally released my album. Very exciting indeed, question is what next? Should I write another album, do I want to push it and see where it goes or just continue for my own personal pleasure. I'm still writing songs, they do get better but getting those good ones which make me want to sit down and record it are few and far between. Was thinking of going into an electronic direction and have been learning Logic. Who knows really. Just happy to have the album ticked off now. 

Release Date

So I've finally decided on a release date for the album, May the 4th - be with you. Aiming to release it on the main streaming and download sites so it covers most demographics - iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Tidal, Soundcloud, Bandcamp and Google Play. Was undecided on whether to create a physical CD as more entailed to just have a digital release but realised that a few people are keen on a CD version so have decided to go ahead and create one. Should have it done within the next few weeks. 


After starting this journey almost 2+ years; yesterday was the day I received the mastered copy of the album from JJ. All the sweat and tears are now in a tangible form, well ummm digitally. To be honest the whole journey was pretty chilled and enjoyable. 

We met up at Golden Dawn in Ponsonby to watch some Jazz at GranD Central but ended up heading to Golden Dawn first to grab a few pre beers. Good times!

Next step start loading it up to some well know sites to get it out there. Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud and Bit Torrent. Once done I can finally release it to friends and family. 


My album needs an extra image so I've been looking into getting some artwork. I've decided on a portrait and have acquired the services of a good friend of mine Ravi Salimath who paints in his spare time while he studying his PHD. Decided on an abstract number maybe in the style of Francis Bacon that could be added to the album sleeve. Still working on ideas so it will be interesting to see what we (he) eventually comes up with.

So it begins...and so it ends...

Well since I was 16 I had a dream, a dream that took 18 years to get around to completing! Slow must be my middle name. That dream originated from  within my bedroom - where I assume most youthful dreams occur. I got my first guitar as 16 which my mother bought and that began my endeavour to learn to play the guitar. I  was inspired by Nirvana, Bob Dylan and Oasis originally then progressed to Smashing Pumpkins, Guns n Roses, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, The Stones and whoever else managed to graze my ear. This led to that moment upon which one day I was laying in bed thinking about life - being a dreamer this was usual practice - where I had this epiphany which I can safely say has been the weight on my shoulders for many write an album. I always thought it would be cool thing to do and with hope provide some kind of meaning to my life and in hindsight leave a piece of my soul some how on this earth.

If I knew how long it would take to get this far I would of stopped many years ago, but then again passion can move mountains and seas and has thus got me this far. This year was the year. The year it happened, but it finishes here. A dream buried, a war won, a ship sailed; a seed planted. It's happened...the album is close to completion, I can almost touch it if it was tangible, I could almost smell it if the smell would just stay long enough and now I can share it with my family and friends and to whoever lends me their ears. 

This may be my first and only blog on this matter. I hope you enjoy this little eclectic number of I did enjoy very so making it.